7 Lighting Mistakes People Make In Their Home

Lighting your home is not just about plugging a lamp and flipping a switch. It is more science and art than most people think. If you get a small concept wrong, the entire home could feel dull and unwelcoming. Here are a few mistakes to avoid.

Excluding dimmer switches

Dimmers are fixtures that allow you to regulate light in the house during the day and at night. You can determine how much light you need during a house party as opposed to an ordinary day. Do you want to switch from one mood to another? Invest in dimmers, as it is the new secret to the lighting design of your house.

Ignoring light layers

Too much overhead light makes your dining room look like a stadium. It does not increase character or warmth inside. Instead, it disturbs your eyes while causing undesirable shadows. Think about floor lights and lamps on the table. Include accent lights in cabinet interiors and selected spots on the wall. These create a tasteful nimble and introduce a comfy look and feel.

Picking the wrong fixture size

A large table lamp will look disproportionate if placed on a small table. The same is also true for a large chandelier hanging too close to your head. Consider your room’s width and height before settling on any light fixture. Take measurements to the store rep, and ask for advice. For example, buy a chandelier that is smaller than the width of your table.

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Forgetting about shadows

Avoid placing a large overhead light at your dresser mirror. This casts a shadow on your face, making your face look ungroomed. Instead of a single bulb overhead light, choose a fixture with several small bulbs on either side of the mirror.

In the kitchen, do not place the lights on the counter as they will cast your shadow right in front of you, hampering your working. Instead, use hanging lamps or under cupboard string lighting.

Failure to consider the color of your walls

Are your walls too dark? They perhaps will not make the desired light and airy look and feel no matter how many lights you install. You might have to repaint the walls with a lighter color hue to make the difference. The last thing you want in your living space is a gloomy and overcast feeling.

Placing lamps at the wrong height

Place a bulb too close to your head, and the light will blind you! Keep it higher up to avoid this risk. For example, the chandelier’s bottom needs to be 66 inches from the floor of the dining room. Let the bottom of the shade of a table lamp be at shoulder height when seated. Place a pendant light in the kitchen so that its bottom is at least 30 inches before the island.

Forgetting how much energy your lights consume

You already know that LED and CFL bulbs conserve more energy and are durable than their traditional counterparts. However, they are costly upfront. Take stock of the overall power consumption in a typical month and replace big energy spenders with power savers. You will not only save your monthly power costs but also have better lighting and overall home comfort.

Home lighting systems are more than illumination. They enhance your home’s beauty and coziness. Avoid mistakes mentioned to stay ahead.

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