How to create a natural bathroom

The bathroom can be a neglected space in the home. It’s a room that we use every day, but often give little thought to updating. There’s no need to stop at a boring suite and tiles – after all, can’t a room be beautiful as well as functional?

There are plenty of different looks to choose from, so there’s no excuse to put off the decorating! A natural style is one of 2015’s hottest trends, and we’re going to show you how to bring a little bit of it into your bathroom. From painting to panelling, it’s time to embrace the great outdoors.


A great way of bring Mother Nature into your bathroom is to invest in some new tiles. Stone tiles will bring a warm, natural look to your scheme. Use them on the floor, along the side of your bath and maybe even on a feature wall for a really strong effect. The shades to look out for are browns, greys and earthy, sandy golds – the kind of colours you would see occurring naturally in the world around us. Slate, sandstone, granite and limestone tiles are all widely available.

If you are a little more traditional, then marble is a good choice. Go for warm honeyed tones and rich, dark browns to avoid your bathroom looking too clinical. Marble is one of the earth’s most beautiful materials, and the veining and contrasting colours really help to lift a scheme, making it look more dynamic.


Apart from tiling, how else can you update your bathroom décor? Wood is a great alternative to tiles, although you will want to use it minimally to avoid the room looking like a sauna! A feature wall covered in wood panelling is a good way to do it – go for thick, horizontal planks for a more contemporary take on the trend.

Choosing wooden units is a stylish way to introduce it to your bathroom too. If you’re going to use wood, choose carefully; avoiding anything too obviously stained or painted. Oak is timeless and available in many different shades, while beech and walnut are popular too. Alternatively, you can use wood-effect tiles.


A fresh coat of paint will breathe new life into your bathroom too. Natural colours are really on trend right now, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Greens are an obvious colour to go for, especially muted sages and teals. Blue is perfect if you want to dream of sunnier climes while soaking in the bath. Soft, warm neutrals are great for smaller rooms, while larger spaces will be able to carry off a bold feature wall if you’re feeling brave!


Accessories are going to take an already stunning bathroom to the next level. Plants will bring the great outdoors into the room – although make sure you choose ones that can cope with the heat and steam. Artificial plants are a good low-maintenance alternative. Coloured towels will also add a little brightness to the room. Try to make the most of any natural light with mirrors placed opposite windows; these will make the space feel larger too.

It’s time to enjoy your new bathroom!

There you have it, all you need to turn your bathroom into an amazing space inspired by nature. So if your bathroom is looking a little tired, why not take note? With a few simple changes, your bathroom will be transformed into your very own natural wonder of the world. It’ll look so good, you’ll all be fighting over who gets to use it first come bath time!

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