A safe way to pack your garden items and equipment

Whilst moving home the garden is generally the last thing on your mind to pack, the sole focus on moving home is generally packing your household items with not much considerations for garden items, the garden items are as a rule left until last and squeezed onto the back of the removal vehicle.

However, the problem with gardening items is that can be extremely dangerous and that they generally comprise of sharp and heavy objects, so it is therefore important to pack your garden items beforehand to ensure that no one gets injured whilst transporting your goods.

It is vital that your power tools and lawn mower are fully drained of the petrol or diesel and also any equipment that contains any form of oil before you move, this can take some time and maybe worth doing a week before to ensure that all such equipment’s are fully emptied and the contents can be safely disposed of before moving, this can be extremely dangerous if left inside the equipment has the contents will be highly flammable.

It is vital that you have all your packing supplies ready before you start with your gardening equipment, items you may need whilst packing for you garden move can include: duct tape and a length of rope, any old towels or bedding, boxes and storage containers for any hazards materials which you are taking on your move.

Clean all your garden equipment and tools before packing try and wrap sharp objects several times before packing and do not overload the boxes, it is surprising how much tools and gardening equipment weight and boxes are very prone to breaking.

Regarding your watering hose, ensure that all water is drained from the hose, if your hose has a rack then make sure it is securely wrapped within the rack, if your hose does not have a rack then ensure you roll your hose as tightly as possible and tape the hose for added security.

Clean all power tools and ensure that they are well drained of any fuel or oil, it will be safer and less bulky if any attachments are removed before packing tools away.

For everyone’s safety and the security of your tools it is advisable to tie all long handled tools together.

Your rubbish bins and barbeque cookers will need to be cleaned and free of any debris before you load such items.

Generally your garden furniture will stackable if you have a plastic set, and if not then your garden furniture should be dismantled and cleaned before you move, many items may have some rust patches and this could easily be transferred to your household furniture

Clean all your pots and planters before you move, and package the smaller ceramic pots and planters with care, it is best to package them individually and for extra security place smaller pots within the larger pots this will also save space.

There are numerous items that by law you are not prohibited to transport, these can include items such as acids, poisons, lighter fluids, car batteries and weed killer to name but a few, for a full list of items that are prohibited ask your removal company or do an internet search so you have a full list of items you will not be able to take with.